A breakdown of our stack

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Ritual diagram

About Ritual Superchain

A suite of sovereign modular execution layers, each containing specialized Stateful Precompiles (SPCs) overfit to different classes of arbitrary computation, mostly revolving around AI models, ranging from classical to foundation models.

The GMP layer facilitates interop between existing blockchains and Ritual Superchain, which functions as an AI coprocessor for all blockchains.

Ritual's AI VM contains not only SPCs, but also base layer infrastructure to facilitate optimized execution, including inference engine binaries & vector databases.

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Infernet diagram

Say hello to Infernet

Infernet is the first production implementation of Ritual's protocol.

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Using a given model and features, a smart contract can request Infernet to compute some output, and a proof.

The coordinator propagates this request, with the ability for subscriptions, and forwards it to a node that can do the work.

Infernet is the start of something new: a suite of protocols, utilities, and applications built on top of Ritual.