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The state of AI is flawed.

Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to positively impact humanity but the infrastructure in which it is being built is flawed.

Permissioned and centralized APIs, lack of privacy and computational integrity, lack of censorship resistance — all risking the potential AI can unleash.

Ritual is the solution.

Ritual is the network for open AI infrastructure. We build groundbreaking, new architecture on a crowdsourced governance layer aimed to handle safety, funding, alignment, and model evolution.

Introducing Decentralized AI.

Censorship Resistant

Transcend geographic boundaries and closed ecosystems to participate in proliferating the open access of models globally.

Privacy First

Enable privacy with lightweight statistical & cryptographic schemes without heavy performance degradation for your users.

Fully Verifiable

Get guaranteed results from real models. Construct proofs for unbounded model sizes, for both classical & foundation AI models, to facilitate verification.

Built for a seamless developer experience.

Our SDK is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to use AI in your decentralized apps.

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