The AI Coprocessor for blockchains
Integrate AI models into your protocol, application or smart contract with a few lines of code.
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Introducing the AI VM
An open, sovereign execution layer for AI
Seamlessly integrate AI into your app or protocol on any chain, enabling you to fine-tune, monetize, and perform inference on models using cryptographic schemes.
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Use cases
Augment existing human-controlled governance with real-time transparent models that enable democratized rewards across the full voter base.
Monetize your models with just a few lines of code
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model marketplace
An emergent paradigm for intelligent apps
Introducing Decentralized AI
Censorship Resistant
Transcend geographic boundaries and closed ecosystems to participate in proliferating the open access of models globally.
Privacy First
Enable privacy with lightweight statistical & cryptographic schemes without heavy performance degradation for your users.
Fully Verifiable
Get guaranteed results from real models. Construct proofs for unbounded model sizes, for both classical & foundation AI models, to facilitate verification.
Setup in minutes
Built for a seamless developer experience.
Our SDK is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to use AI in your decentralized apps.
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Calling all GPU holders
Stake & contribute your excess GPU capacity to earn yield.
GPU mining power is essential to enable high-throughput & global access to models on Ritual, and its provision is rewarded.
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